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Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage

Lomi Lomi Massage 


In the Hawaiian language, the word "lomi" means to knead, to sooth; to work in and out with the flow, like the waves of the ocean. Lomi Lomi massage, as it is known in the West, is an indigenous Hawaiian healing practice, which usually includes massage, and can include prayer and chants. ​This Hawaiian style of massage was practiced by the native Shaman healers and was used as a restorative health practice within families. The Hawaiian Shamans are known as the great healers in Hawaiian culture.

At the core of Shamanic beliefs are seven sacred principles and these principles are at the core of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage. Their understandings are based on seven principles as follows:

IKE: the world is what you think it is.

KALA: there are no limits.

MAKIA: energy flows where attention goes.

MANAWA: now is the moment of power.

ALOHA: to love is to be happy.

MANA: all power comes from within.

PONO: effectiveness is the measure of truth.

The early Polynesian settlers to Hawaii brought their own form of massage and it evolved to become something uniquely Hawaiian. It was practiced by everyone, from child to chief. As an indigenous practice that evolved over hundreds of years in isolated valleys throughout the island chain, there are many different "schools" of Lomi Lomi with different approaches and techniques, and so Lomi Lomi encompasses many different styles, each unique to their geographic location and/or their family of origin.

Lomi Lomi therapists can use the palms, forearms, fingers, knuckles, elbows and sometimes knees and feet. This massage is performed with flowing, rhythmical motions and has been described as feeling like gentle waves moving over the body.


This form of full body massage is unlike any other massage treatment. It is performed on the client's entire body at once. The therapist may well be massaging two parts of the body at the same time. This encourages the client to let go more easily. Unlike most other massages where the therapist uncovers and treats one body region at a time, in a Lomi Lomi massage the therapist will use long flowing strokes that go from head to toe in a continuous, rhythmic movement, massaging the whole body. This forces the left and right sides of the brain to connect, allowing the client to "let go" if they choose.

Benefits of Hawaiian Lomi Lomi  Massage

  • Helps to improve circulation

  • Strengthens the immune system

  • Helps to eliminate toxins from the body and tissues

  • Helps release tension

  • Helps to energise and revitalise

  • Helps release old stress carried in the body

  • Helps increase range of movement and flexibility

  • Helps to slow the heart rate and lower blood pressure

  • Helps improve posture

  • Can improve state of mind

  • Helps promote self healing

  • Helps improve relaxation, including sleep

  • Can bring harmony and balance to the mind, body and spirit

  • Helps to restore wellbeing

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