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Back to balance using Eastern and Western holistic therapies

 Therapeutic Private Yoga Classes & Massage Treatments In Bath 

Welcome to Metta Yoga and Massage, in Central Bath, where we provide eco-friendly holistic Massage treatments and Yoga lessons, for pain free, aligned, flexible, functional bodies, as well as mental and emotional wellbeing, and physical aesthetics. Metta means loving-kindness. In a world tainted by all kinds of destructiveness, Metta in thought, and deed brings unity, calm, and mutual understanding.

Metta is owned and run by Yoga and Massage Therapist, Joanna, who offers an array of bodywork therapies and yoga classes in Bath from India, Thailand, and the UK and has over 10 years experience. Phoebe is a Soft Tissue Massage Therapist offering Massage therapies, including Sports Massage, at Metta. She has trained at the University of Bath and is very knowledgeable in all things sports! Phoebe works Monday evenings from 6pm to 8.30pm offering Bath massage therapies.

One-to-one Massage and Yoga therapies are carried out at The Lansdown Clinic in Bath in central Bath. You will also be able to book therapies at our clinic in Bristol at The Climbing Academy Clinic Bristol, in St Philips near Central Bristol, from March 2024. Both clinics offer FREE PARKING. Private yoga groups and Hen and Pamper parties will be taught at clients' homes or a venue decided with the group. 

If you are tense or in pain, suffering with reduced mobility and/or an injury; and/or feeling low in mood and energy, then Metta Bath massage and yoga therapies will help to bring you back to balance. Metta offers a large array of therapies in Bath, based in both Eastern philosophy and Western science. There is a focus on biomechanics, where the realignment of the body is crucial to relief of tension, pain, injury; and mental and emotional imbalance. We believe in treating the client therapeutically and holistically: mind, body and spirit, then work to maintain these results and prevent further ailments.

We offer a yearly Membership for Yoga and/or Massage Therapies, so that you can prioritise your self-care and establish your wellness in the long-term, and also save money. You can spread your 12 hours of therapy however is convenient for you over the year and we will try to work around your schedule to make your time for your wellbeing. We also offer Wellbeing Packages which include a combination of therapies to bring you back to wellness. Further, we always have Special Offers, and returning clients are given a Loyalty card where after purchasing a number of therapies they get a FREE hour therapy. There are lots of ways to save money on your important self-care journey.

If you are in pain then misalignments in your posture are the main culprits of this tension in the body. Metta can help you by finding the root cause of your pain by observing your misalignments. We recommend our Full Body Biomechanic Assessment to evaluate your posture, providing a full written report of your misalignments and providing realigning adjustments to correct your posture, straightening you out of misalignment, to relieve pain in the long-term and provide you with increased function and balance.

A variety of Massage traditions are offered. A customised approach is used for the client, personalising treatments for specific needs and goals. As there is such a large array of massage therapies offered it can be daunting to choose if you are booking online, so for concise summaries of the most popular massage traditions offered go here. Alternatively book a Free Consultation to discuss treatment options for you. We specialise in Deep Tissue Massage and Holistic Massage to work on you remedially, targeting and relieving the specific culprits of immobility and pain; and balancing you mentally and emotionally.

Several Yoga traditions are taught:  Ashtanga, Hatha, Vinyasa, Restorative and Yoga Therapy. Private Yoga lessons and courses are taught one-to-one at the clinic, or to private groups at clients' homes or a chosen venue. A personalised approach is used when designing the yoga classes, based on what the client presents and their goals. Metta now additionally runs Online Yoga Classes; if you have limited time in your day or have a long way to travel to reach us, online classes could be for you. Corporate Yoga classes can also be arranged by contacting us here.


Yoga Therapy sessions are offered to assess the client's body bio-mechanically, and to then offer specific Yoga postures to relieve them of incorrect posture, pain and mobility dysfunction and/or to prepare for, or rehabilitate from surgery. 

Hen or Pamper Parties are available for your group at your venue. 

There is a 24 hour cancellation policy and a 50% treatment charge if under 24 hours cancellation notice is given. If any of the total contra-indications below occur you must cancel your appointment and postpone until symptoms have subsided.

  • Covid-19 symptoms

  • Fever

  • Under the influence of alcohol or recreational drugs

  • Contagious or infectious diseases

  • Diarrhoea & vomiting

  • Skin diseases

  • Undiagnosed lumps or bumps

  • Localised Swelling

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"Lovely yoga class where I was physically pushed to my edge, but it also calmed and focused my mind and I was able to relax. Left feeling lighter and happier! I'll definitely be coming back for more classes!"

Maisie J.

"This was one of the best (if not the best) massages I have ever received. Joanna spent some time understanding what I was looking for, and which areas to focus on. I explained some specific injuries and areas needing attention. Joanna then had a huge range of techniques and worked on exactly the right areas we'd discussed. Afterwards Joanna gave me some good advice and followed up by email with some written exercises. From beginning to end this was one of the most competent and professional treatments you could wish to receive. I highly recommend Metta."

Richard B.

“I have a form of MS and my massages with Joanna have a massive impact on my physical wellbeing - she works my full body and tailors each session to my needs on that day. She is amazing and was much missed during lockdown.

Susie M.

"Joanna is always so tuned in to how I'm feeling and what I need. I work at a computer all day: her shoulder and back massages are a necessity, not a treat!"

James B.

“Jo's massage is excellent. She has an ability to intuitively know what pressure is needed and I always come away feeling, looser, more relaxed and de-stressed. I would recommend her services to anyone who cares about their body.”

Dan C.

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