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BOOK YOUR FREE CONSULTATION - talk with Joanna to discuss your wellbeing needs and goals.

Updated: Jan 3, 2022

Sometimes we feel unsure of what it is we need to feel better - is it physical, mental or emotional? It is most likely a combination of all of these aspects of your wellbeing, as we are holistic beings and one always effects another and so on. Sometimes we feel pain in our shoulders but it is actually related to a tightness in the hips, or even in the fascia of the feet! Whatever it is, it helps to speak to a practitioner about it that can reflect back to you what it possibly is and what therapies may help you back to optimum health. That is why Metta Yoga and Massage offers a free consultation on the phone or in person so that you can understand what might be going on for you and the possible remedial and therapeutic options that are available to you.

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