One-to-one Yoga Therapy is a therapeutic process, which includes the initial meeting with a client, an assessment of their overall alignment and posture, and the application of a therapeutic asana (postures) practice, exercises and manual adjustments. The client will then take the asana sequence home to practice in-between treatment sessions. When good alignment occurs, there is optimal flow of blood, lymph, and prana throughout the body in any given position. Healing naturally occurs in good alignment. Once the client is healed they can stop their sessions and continue the good alignment principles in their day to day life. Sessions are held at The Lansdown Clinic in Bath or at the client's home. Sessions can also be offered alongside your Massage treatment plan to assist, complement and maintain Massage benefits.


One-to-one classes are good to fit your Yoga class in around a busy schedule; they are perfect if you work late, work from home, would prefer not to come to a public class, or are unable to get childcare. They take place in your home, The Lansdown Clinic in Bath, or venue of your choice, at a time that's mutually agreed. They can feature individually tailored programs and plans to help you meet your goals. They can also be offered alongside your Massage treatment plan to assist, complement and maintain Massage benefits.



Group private classes can be held at the home of one of the students, a studio in Bath, a venue of your choice or a room at your company. They are ideally suited for practitioners who want to practice together privately and share the cost of regular private tuition to make it more affordable. They are also great for Hen parties or any type of event - they are a lot of fun and a healthy addition to celebrations, be it at the beginning for energising the group or at the end for relaxing and restoring the group!


This is a group class in which the teacher will call out the breaths, postures and vinyasas. The group moves and breathe together in sync. These are focused, highly energetic classes and recommended for experienced students.



This is a group class. Mysore is named after the south Indian town in which the late K Pattabhi Jois who taught and popularised Ashtanga yoga (to the West) from the late 1930s until his death in 2009. In Mysore Style students are already familiar with the Ashtanga Yoga practice and teachers do not lead the students through the sequence with a breath count, generalised instructions and demonstrations. Instead, experienced students turn up and get on with their own practice and if you forget or need assistance, the teacher is there to help you individually when and where you need it.

Practising in this way gives you the space to focus. The cue to move on to the next posture comes from your own breath, instead of a teacher's instructions. Students can therefore spend a little longer working at their own pace on something they find challenging. Everyone is working at their own pace. If there is something you are unable to do, the teacher will give you an easier version.

Mysore style self-practice is the traditional way of practising Ashtanga yoga, and offers a highly personalised approach without the cost attached to one-to-ones, and with all of the group energy of a conventional class. Here, you will be addressed by name, the teacher will know your practice inside out, and this "class" is quiet – there's very little talking and no music.


This can be on one-to-one or group class. The purpose of the course is to break down elements of a Yoga practice and teach individual postures, their modifications and culminate in the instruction of a complete sequence of postures. The Intermediate course teaches a selection of more advanced and challenging postures and breathing techniques.

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