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Client Testimonials

We've got a loyal following and some excellent reviews

"A really good deep tissue massage. Joanna is extremely skilled in her massage techniques."

Simon, May 2022

"Lovely yoga class where I was physically pushed to my edge, but it also calmed and focused my mind and I was able to relax. Left feeling lighter and happier! I'll definitely be coming back for more classes!"

Maisie, May 2022

"Joanna understands the body very well. She gave me a great Swedish massage. Definitely going back!"

Angela, June 2021

"Highly recommend Joanna, excellent massage very thorough, intuitively gets to all the problem areas. Nice relaxing atmosphere during the treatment. I fell asleep which was embarrassing because I heard myself snoring but I'm sure she's heard it all and much worse."

Maxine, December 2021

"Excellent Aromatherapy Massage! I cannot recommend Joanna highly enough. She has a holistic approach to Massage and is intuitive and sensitive. I have had many different massages in my time as I am in my late 50s and have a very sore neck, shoulders, back etc etc. The Aromatherapy Massage was probably in my top two massages of all time - do not hesitate in booking her, you will not regret it! She also followed up after the massage suggesting exercises and approaches to help my condition"

Annabel, July 2021

"One of the best deep tissue massages I have had. Very tailored to own personal problem areas. Joanna is really kind and professional, she knows her stuff. Lots of different treatments also available."

Tara, July 2021

"Really enjoyed the one to one Yoga course I had with Joanna. She taught me everything I need to know about the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga. Each class built on the last and I felt able to ask Joanna about anything as she is very friendly and easy to talk to. I feel a great sense of achievement, as now I can practice the sequence at home, knowing I am doing it right and I know the modification poses to use if I'm struggling! I am enjoying getting better in my personal practice and looking forward to learning the Secondary Series with Joanna."

Claire, July 2021

"This was one of the best massages I've had hands down. Joanna made the consultation at the start snappy and ensured the massage was tailored to my general needs. I usually like a firm massage and she delivered on this very well! I think this was a superb value for money massage and would definitely recommend it to anyone. Thanks Joanna!"

Alex, June 2021

"I have been visiting Joanna for the last year for massage. Joanna is very knowledgeable and thorough. I have always found the sessions relaxing and feel the positive benefits afterwards. Would highly recommend."

Olivia, June 2021

"I can honestly say that Joanna is one of the best masseurs that I have been to. She immediately puts you at ease, is clearly extremely knowledgeable and talented and very enthusiastic about providing the best possible treatment. At the first session my back was full of twisted knots which Joanna worked on tirelessly. She's pretty strong and you can tell she knows what she is doing when she seeks out those knotty parts that some other masseurs fail to reach. Plus the free parking outside is very handy."

Anthony, May 2021

"Expert massage by Joanna, brilliant, knowledgeable and thorough. Highly recommend."

Nisha, December 2020

"Very professional, kind and knowledgeable. My exact needs were met with the addition of some great advice. I highly highly recommend!"

Dawn, October 2020

"An incredible deep tissue massage! Joanna is very attentive, caring and highly skilled and she instantly put me at ease. The massage was thorough, and Joanna personalised the treatment to work on areas of tension that I'd developed in my upper back and shoulders. Joanna is very knowledgeable and kindly gave me some tips on how to stop the tension building up again.

The massage felt amazing, and made me feel so much better. I would highly recommend. Thank you Joanna!"

Becky, October 2020

"I have been very grateful for the support Joanna has been able to play in both my post sport recovery and injury prevention. She is very knowledgeable on a range of treatments and always carries them out in professional, caring and sympathetic manner. The Lansdown Clinic is always scrupulously clean, which is even more reassuring during these difficult times."

Ben, August 2020

"The best massage I've had in ages - totally focused on my areas of concern and I feel instantly lighter and better. Thank you x"

Sarah, August 2020

"The restorative yoga class that we booked at our accommodation in Bath was the perfect ending to a hectic hen weekend and just what we needed. It was super relaxing and rejuvenating!! We will be telling friends having hen parties to book Joanna!"

Sarah, February 2020

"Joanna was really experienced, neck and back massage was amazing. Lymphatic drainage really worked (lots of fluids moving following massage). Also explained lots of ways to improve posture and sent lots of helpful literature to support this. Have booked for next week."

Amanda, March 2022

"Excellent Massage and facial. Was super relaxing"

Emily, November 2022

"I had a really great massage. Joanna is friendly and caring and really goes above and beyond, taking the time to find out lots about your lifestyle before the treatment, recommending products to help with posture and suggesting stretches and other tips too. The massage itself was excellent and made me feel really great after. Joanna even sent me some exercise/stretching pdfs and useful links after the treatment."

Jenni, November 2021

"Possibly the best massage I've ever had."

Peter, April 2021

"Was given a 6 hour one to one Hatha Yoga course voucher for my birthday and loved learning the sequence, which Joanna personalised for my bad posture and lower back issues. I really feel I have learned a lot and am comfortable in group yoga classes now. My lower back feels a lot better too and whenever I get niggles now I know what to do!"

Chris, February 2021

"Fantastic in all aspects, would thoroughly recommend to anyone wanting a superb massage service! From start to finish it was professional, thoughtful and the follow-up was first rate."

Ben, July 2021

"Joanna is a great masseuse. I have had a lot of massages over the past 15 years due to ongoing back pain and Joanna stands above the rest, very professional and thorough. Both deep tissue and Swedish are great and as such I have recommended her to everyone I know!"

SKD Loft Conversion Specialists, April 2021


“Jo is an excellent teacher. She is patient and thorough and has a lovely calming presence.”

Elena, February 2021

"Joanna gave me an excellent massage. We focused on my back, neck and shoulders with some general deep tissue and some trigger point therapy, which I've not had before. This really helped to release the tension in that area and I felt much looser and pain-free in the days following. I would thoroughly recommend Joanna at Metta to anyone looking for a restorative and healing massage."

Sarah, August 2020

"I had a great deep tissue massage with Joanna, she knows her stuff, and was very warm and welcoming. I'll be booking again!"

Zoe, October 2020

"I've been having yoga and a massage from Joanna for a few weeks now as I have been suffering with the bottom of my back. Every time I've left from having yoga and a massage I feel great and I couldn't be happier for what she has done for me. I couldn't recommend her enough. She is a lovely woman and will do everything she can to help people with their aches and pains. She's amazing. THANK YOU."

Ricky, March 2020

"...I mentioned to Joanna my left shoulder joint felt painful since I'd started doing regular exercises so she suggested a Yoga Therapy consultation. She went through a detailed consultation and body assessment. We established it was most likely my posture when playing guitar and poor posture in general that was the cause. Joanna gave me some basic yoga postures and some back muscle strengthening exercises to help me seat the shoulder bone in the socket correctly and strengthen the muscles around the joint to keep it in place. No more shoulder pain when exercising and the clicking rotator cuff is no more! Exactly what was needed! Very impressed!

I've since taken up one to one yoga classes with Joanna as a result to keep the rest of me where it should be. Really good value for the results I've had. I'd definitely recommend to anyone with aches and pains."

Adam, March 2020

"Holistic, professional, attentive to detail, expert, efficient, pleasant, reliable and, above all, very good at her job...all true about Joanna."

Donald, June 2020

"Had a great time learning Vinyasa Yoga on a course with Joanna. She designed a lovely flow class for me, which I have practiced every morning since. Can't recommend her highly enough!"

Louisa, June 2020

"Joanna is a wonderful practitioner. I always look forward to receiving a massage from her. She really listens to what I need and I feel very comfortable in her presence."

Alison, June 2020

“Great technique, energy and genuinely take the time to listen to what your preferences are and how she can help. Will be back for sure!"

Laurie, May 2020

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