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Each half of the year holds a different type of energy!

Spring and Summer encourage extroverted 'Yang' and Autumn and Winter are about dark, still and introverted 'Yin'.

Embracing a 'Yang' way of living in Spring and Summer and a 'Yin' way of living in Autumn and Winter helps us stay balanced and well all year long. Pushing ourselves to live at a 'Yang' pace all year round often leads to exhaustion and burnout...

Ideas to help you shift into a more 'Yin' way of being as we move through Autumn and Winter, so you can feel rested, replenished and revitalised and not overly tired:

- Slow down - Prioritise rest - Focus on warm, well cooked foods - Enjoy an earlier bedtime - Begin a journaling practice - Make meditation a habit - Factor in self care practices like massage and yoga into your lifestyle - Get comfortable saying ‘no’ - Make your home a sanctuary - Cultivate a nighttime routine that helps you feel relaxed - Switch up intense exercise for strengthening, grounding forms of movement

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