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6 Week Yoga Class Courses

6 Hour Bath Yoga Class Courses, & 6 Hour Bristol Yoga Class Courses 



Choosing from any Yoga style that Metta Yoga and Massage offers, for Beginner or Intermediate level students, you can book a six week course. Six hours of Yoga classes enables the practitioner to learn in a methodical fashion, starting with Yoga theory, breathing exercises and basic postures taught in detail, before being introduced to Yoga postures that may be more challenging. All Yoga postures are taught in detail with modification Yoga postures offered and adjustments given by the teacher. 

To discuss your 6 week Yoga Class Course go here.

To organise a private group 6 week Yoga Class Course go here.

Benefits of 6 Hour Yoga Class Courses


  • All the benefits of the Yoga type you have chosen to learn or a combination of the benefits should you have opted for Personalised Yoga classes

  • Time to build up a thorough understanding of your Yoga practice as it is discussed in detail

  • Option for lots of feedback as you thoughtfully think about each class

  • Development of Yoga postures to accomplish more challenging postures over time

  • Time to learn a Yoga sequence that you can then take home to practice with confidence

Nothing to book right now. Check back soon.
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