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Deep Tissue Massage Bath

Deep Tissue Massage Bath



Deep Tissue Massage is a therapeutic, preventative and restorative treatment. If you have aches, pains and tensions that cannot be reached by Swedish Massage, then you should try Deep Tissue Massage, where the pressure is deeper, the pace slower and pain is alleviated in the long term.

Deep Tissue Massage is designed to alleviate chronic muscle tension, pain, and knots, often resulting from injuries, overuse, or poor posture. Unlike Swedish massage, which is primarily focused on relaxation, deep tissue massage aims to address specific physical issues.

Deep Tissue Massage generally focuses on a deeper layer of musculature and fascia. It works to realign the different layers of tissue, treating the tendons, ligaments and fascia, as well as the muscles to release tension and provide pain relief. Working in a deeper manner by relaxing the superficial musculature and then sinking in to access the deeper muscles.

Certain massage techniques are first used to warm the muscles to prepare to apply pressure into the deeper muscles. This is why Deep Tissue Massage takes longer to work on all areas of the body, so a fully body Deep Tissue Massage will usually take 1.5 or 2 hours, depending on your ailments. Myofascial Release techniques and Trigger Point Therapy is often additionally used for further benefit, as well as relaxing the scalp, should the client enjoy this.

Deep Tissue Massage can be highly effective in relieving chronic pain, improving range of motion, and addressing conditions like sports injuries or repetitive strain injuries. It's suitable for individuals with specific muscle issues and those who prefer a more intensive massage experience.

The list of conditions that can be effectively treated using Deep Tissue Massage is extensive and includes repetitive strain, postural problems, sciatica, sports injury and recovery from falls and muscle tension and pain across all body areas. Deep Tissue Massage is comparable to Sports Massage but is usually less painful.

Book your Deep Tissue massage Bath to start reaping the benefits of this therapeutic treatment and relieving deep set pain and immobility today.

Benefits of Deep Tissue Massage

  • Treats chronic pain

  • Relieves muscle tension

  • Helps lower high blood pressure

  • Breaks up scar tissue and adhesions

  • Reduces arthritis symptoms

  • Improves flexibility and suppleness

  • Soften and hydrate the body so that it becomes more pliable and mobile

  • Increases energy 

  • Increases breathing capacity

  • Stretches your muscle fibres in every direction, which is impossible to do with pure stretching alone and enables you to train harder for longer

  • Helps in warm up/cool down and improves athletic recovery and performance resolving post exercise discomfort

  • Helps to relieve chronic injury or strain by release of joint strains

  • Enhances drainage of waste products to speed recovery from exercise

  • Restores muscle function and postural alignment

  • Relieves physical and emotional strain

  • Can be deeply relaxing

  • Helps to balance the body and promote self-healing and relaxation

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