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Full Body Bio-Mechanic Posture Assessment



Are you in constant pain or discomfort? Posture and misalignment are the main culprits of pain and tension in the body. Metta can help you by getting to the root of your pain by finding out your misalignments, and then advise and guide your body towards proper alignment that will give you pain free function and balance. 


A physical observation and bio-mechanic assessment of the whole body will be carried out, examining the body to find any issues with alignment, structure, and highlight any strengths or weaknesses. A full written report will be provided of the assessment with information on specific misalignments of the individual and tailored realignment plans for the different areas of the body.  

This assessment will help the client become aware of where their posture is poor so that they can consciously work on correcting it and relieve pain, tension and/or injury in the long-term.

Realigning will heal problems such as: neck pain, back pain, shoulder pain (including rotator cuff injuries), reoccurring headaches and migraines, elbow pain, (including golfer's and tennis elbow), wrist pain (including carpel tunnel syndrome), hip pain, knee pain, shin splints, ankle foot pain (including bunions, hard skin and Plantar Fasciitis), arthritis, shin problems and sports injury.

Yoga Therapy sessions are optionally offered after this, which offer a practice of individualised Yoga Postures to assist in realigning the body and clearing discomfort or pain in the body.

Benefits of Full Body Bio-Mechanic Posture Assessment:​​

  • Find out where you are misaligned across the body or on the specific body part in pain or injured, so that you can focus on posture correction and realignment

  • Relieves your specific pain and tension long-term

  • Is bio-mechanically informed to improve your posture and alignment on the structural level

  • Develop an awareness of re-alignment principles

  • Informs strengthening specific areas of the body

  • Informs stretching specific areas of the body

  • A personalised plan of action that will not take forever for recovery and will assist to: - relieve stress and depression; relieve PTSD; help with schizophrenia; relieve pain in the body, such as back pain; improve muscular skeletal problems; help with arthritis; help with osteoporosis; enhance positive emotions; improve overall well-being; improve confidence and self esteem; improve fitness levels; improve circulation; enhance internal organ function

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