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Bath Hatha Yoga Classes; & Bristol Hatha Yoga Classes


Hatha Yoga Classes Bath, & Hatha Yoga Classes Bristol



In personalised sessions, you will learn Hatha Yoga's postures and alignment, tailored to your needs if desired. This prepares you for confident self-practice and group classes.

Hatha Yoga focuses on physical postures (asanas) and breathing exercises (pranayama) to align body, mind, and spirit, paving the way for deeper practices like meditation.

Originating in the 14th century, Hatha Yoga aims for total body purification, mental balance, and spiritual awakening through physical engagement. It's deeply intertwined with tantric practices, fostering integration of body, mind, and spirit.

While not as vigorous as Ashtanga yoga, Hatha yoga promotes relaxation and elongation without intense flow sequences. Each pose is independently emphasised for correct alignment, offering a profound understanding of posture, which is why it is a good type of yoga for a beginner practitioner to start with.

Join me to experience the peace and balance of Hatha Yoga, enhancing your overall well-being.

To discuss anything further with the teacher go here.

Benefits of Hatha Yoga Classes

  • Maintaining a healthy body

  • Stress reliever

  • Increases flow of energy or prana

  • Improves flexibility

  • Increases fitness

  • Builds muscle strength and improves balance

  • Helps you focus

  • Increases blood flow

  • Makes you happier

  • It improves mobility in the joints

  • It improves flexibility in the connective tissue

  • It stretches the fascia and improves its condition

  • It improves metabolism

  • It improves the functioning of all body systems

  • It stimulates cell repair and regeneration

  • It improves blood flow in the spinal cord and brain

  • It rejuvenates the ligaments

  • It helps to stimulate the lymphatic system and cleanses the body

  • It improves the overall range of motion of the body

  • It improves energy levels

  • It improves the function of the lungs and heart

  • It brings balance to the sympathetic and parasympathetic nervous system

  • It helps to calm down the senses

  • It helps to improve concentration

  • It sharpens the focus

  • It brings balance to the emotions

  • It relieves anxiety and depression

  • It removes mental fatigue

  • It stimulates creativity

  • It stimulates learning facilities

hatha yoga classes
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