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Metta brings Online Massage Therapy to you at home!

Updated: May 18, 2020

In the current COVID-19 climate of social distancing we have not been able to have our Massage therapy fixes to relax and relieve us of tension and pain. So Metta brings Online Massage Therapy to provide you with: self Massage, relaxation, stretching, and breathing techniques, and a finishing deep relaxation practice. From the comfort of your own home, turn the lights down low and get comfortable: experience some you time These sessions are at a reduced cost, respecting the current COVID-19 climate. A half an hour online appointment will cost £10 and a one hour appointment will cost £20.

It is important to remember that self care is a priority and not a luxury and adapting to a completely new lifestyle and setbacks will likely have caused stress and anxiety (especially without your normal stress busters in the form of massage etc). Body and mind work relieve this tension so you can feel rejuvenated and energised once more. If you would like more information you can go to From here you can see information about the sessions and book your appointment. Hope to see you very soon!

Take care,

Metta x

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