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Private Yoga Courses to learn a Yoga sequence for home practice or confidently attend group classes!

One-to-one Yoga courses are a great way to learn a series of postures, with the correct alignment and modifications; and the vital elements of the specific Yoga practice, such as theory, and breath technique. You can learn a set sequence, like the Primary Series of Ashtanga Yoga for example, where you learn about 75 poses, and are taught the five elements of this school of Yoga: asanas (postures), bandhas (internal body locks), drishti (gaze points), ujjayi breath (breathing technique), and vinyasa (breath with movement synchronisation). Or you can be taught a yoga sequence that has been tailored for your personal needs and goals!

Learning Yoga in a one-to-one course environment really helps a student ease into a Yoga practice at a pace comfortable for them, and get the personalised attention from the teacher that they need. This individual attention is required to make sure the student is carrying out all the postures and elements correctly from the beginning, avoiding pitfalls, such as misalignment and injury in the future. Any questions can be covered in detail and as often as necessary throughout the course, and by the end of the course the practitioner can confidently take away a yoga practice that they can use on the mat at home or in a group class!

It's a true gift to have your own yoga knowledge and yoga practice that you can take anywhere! 6 or 12 hour Yoga Courses can be booked here.

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