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Stop Distracting and Start Focusing and Reaching Your Goals!

When you feel like you are doing ALL of the things to start a new business or project or get on with that goal but you are actually distracting yourself with an overload of reading, courses, social media groups, blogs and podcasts, you have entered into the realm of distraction....

Your head is now likely in a total spin and you have got information overload! This path keeps us from just doing and is a defence mechanism keeping you distracted because of fear:

- fear of the unknown

- fear of failure

- fear of getting it wrong

- fear of other people's judgement

Do you relate? All those books and courses are brilliant but over-consuming and are keeping you distracted from what you know you need to do. You are feeding that fear until it becomes so big you don't do anything at all. NOTHING CHANGES if nothing changes!

Take that first step, which will feel uncomfortable but you will come through the other side! When you stop being distracted, work through the fear and focus on planting those seeds!

If you would like less distraction and more focus, clarity and confidence, keep practising doing rather than distracting. Another great way to give yourself clarity, focus and confidence is through practicing yoga - yoga literally clears the mind and removes the fog of delusion!

I am Joanna, a Yoga teacher and Massage therapist, who has trained in India, Thailand, and the UK, and has been teaching Yoga since 2014. Book a private Yoga class or course today and see how Yoga can lift the fog of delusion and provide you with clarity so you can focus on your goals without all the distractions!! Practice and all is coming!

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