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We Are Always Dedicated To Continually Improving Our Services To Provide The Best Possible Yoga and Massage Therapy Experience For Our Clients

At Metta Yoga and Massage, we are always striving to continually improve our Yoga and Massage services to provide the best possible therapy experience for you. To achieve this, we conduct market research whenever possible.


You can spare just a few moments to provide anonymous feedback on your therapy experience with Metta by answering a few questions here.


If you would like to additionally provide any written details of your feedback that is helpful too - you can send that here. We can also answer any questions on our treatments, and wellbeing in general, and/or provide any tips.

Your input helps us understand how well we are meeting your wellbeing needs and goals, and it is always greatly appreciated.


Thank you for your time and support! 


Your therapist, Joanna

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