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Yoga Therapy Classes


Yoga Therapy Classes



"Good alignment = Good therapy"

An assessment of the specific area of the body that is in pain will be carried out to see where the misalignments are that need to be realigned. This can be a focus on the Upper Back or Hips and Pelvis etc, or consist of a Full Body Assessment for overall posture correction and relief of pain and injury.

A one-to-one course, of 6 or 12 hours, will teach the practitioner a sequence of therapeutic Yoga postures that are tailored to the student's needs, including a full body assessment. The course will teach the correct alignment of postures and their modifications. The practitioner will then be able to practice the sequence at home, and learn any required new Yoga postures with the teacher, should their condition change.

Yoga Therapy sessions are offered, which is a practice of Yoga to clear discomfort or pain in the body. This includes a full body assessment, focusing on correct body alignment and the biomechanic condition, and includes the teaching of and performance of asanas (postures) in modified and intelligent ways when one has injuries, pain or physical limitations and/or using the Yoga practice to prepare for or rehabilitate from surgery. 

People often assume Yoga Therapy involves restorative practices, but in fact it can be very active, strengthening, and dynamic. Practicing Yoga therapeutically is to become familiar with anatomy and alignment. Each sequence of Yoga postures given to the practitioner is tailored to them and given after an interview, body assessment and body alignment. Sequences can and will change over time depending on the clients' specific needs. Sessions take from one hour upwards. The first introduction session requires one hour thirty minutes to complete.

Yoga Therapy classes will not necessarily have to go on over a long period of time; you will be taught theory and postures necessary for your alignment healing and then can take these away. If you suffer with other pain or tension in other areas of the body in the future you can come back for further Yoga Therapy. 

For private group Yoga Therapy classes or to discuss anything further with the teacher go here.

Benefits of Yoga Therapy Classes


  • Find out where you are misaligned across the body or on the specific body part in pain or injured, so that you can focus on posture correction and realignment

  • Relieves your specific pain and tension long-term

  • Is bio-mechanically informed to improve your posture and alignment

  • Strengthens specific areas of the body

  • Stretches specific areas of the body

  • Releases tight myofascia (muscle connective tissue) for greater mobility in joints and muscles

  • A personalised plan of action that will not take forever for recovery

  • Relieves stress and depression

  • Relieves PTSD

  • Helps with schizophrenia

  • Relieves pain in the body, such as back pain

  • Improves muscular skeletal problems

  • Helps with arthritis

  • Helps with osteoporosis

  • Enhances positive emotions 

  • Improves overall well-being

  • Improves confidence and self esteem

  • Improves fitness levels

  • Improves circulation

  • Enhances internal organ function

Yoga Therapy
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