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Donation based Metta Yoga & Pranayama Classes brought to you during COVID-19 for your wellbeing

Updated: Jul 16, 2020

The COVID-19 virus has been a shock and a life changer for all of us in this country and globally. It has literally caused a complete adaptation of our lifestyle, to abide by government lockdown rules, to socially distance from each other. And, dare I say it, the repercussions have not all been bad, but certainly not all good; there has been death, loss, grief, fear, anxiety, stress and depression. However, for some, there has also been a sense of community, creativity and getting back to basics, enjoying the little things at home and in nature: mindfulness!

So, behind our closed doors, protecting ourselves and others from catching this life threatening virus, we have spent weeks, either working from home or having time on our hands to ponder on life perhaps. As life has slowed down and we have limited social interactions, what have you been doing to stay connected with friends and family? How have you been able to continue to work? How have you retained good mental health? How have you been creative in filling your time? How have you spent your once a day outdoor time? How have you been exercising? Have you begun to feel a sense of Do It Yourself confidence as you have adapted your day to day life confined mostly to your home space? There has been a lot to think about and a lot to potentially feel stressed and anxious about!

As the owner of Metta Yoga and Massage, I have been unable to continue to offer Massage and face to face Yoga classes. Needless to say, the business has been effected negatively and I was feeling stressed and anxious about finances and the potential future of the business. But I overcame this through holistic practices and, on the flip side, I have had time to study my Massage and Yoga books, which I have enjoyed! I have been living with a few friends, and we have been having a lovely time together: cooking, exercising, walking in nature, watching series, studying countless new courses and reading, while partaking in the odd Corona online quiz on Zoom and suffering the internet like most others!