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New Year, Fresh start: Start the year off right with this deal to get you going!

Another year down :)...not long before we move into 2024! And here is a beautiful rainbow for you!! Perhaps time to start reflecting on the year passed and thinking about moving into the new year and what you would like in the pot of gold for your 2024 :)! And don't forget space for gratitude for all you have experienced and achieved in 2023!


You have increased your self-care in 2023 with massage and yoga treatments designed to relieve you of tensions and balance you physically, mentally and emotionally! Self-care really is the basis of a full life! What self-care plans have you got to maintain you over 2024 and do these goals inspire and motivate you, because if not, it is a good time to think of ways they can motivate you. For example, if you are not enjoying the gym, why not try a more social, goal orientated and competitive sport like tennis.


Beyond self-care (or still really a part of), what keeps you motivated and excited in your life? For me it is a dose of travel, learning and trying new things and self-development. It was so lovely to get away for a weekend with friends in Berlin before Christmas and experience the city at this time with all its Christmas markets! Having never been to Germany, I experienced new culture and food and learnt more about the history. It always energises and resets me when I travel somewhere especially if it’s a new place and during 2023 I have done a lot of what I love!

What excites and inspires you? Something to think about and make happen more or for the first time in 2024 ☺️!


Feeling freer in your body and mind and emotionally balanced with massage and yoga therapies will always help to keep you more active, energised and positive - so that is why Metta is offering a course of 12 hours of massage or yoga therapies, spread out as you wish over the next 12 months at the Special Discounted price of £710 instead of £756 - SAVING £46!!!!

*Offer available to purchase until the end of January 2024 - DON'T MISS OUT!!

Make good on your New Year's resolutions and achieve your goals!

Here are a few testimonials from some of our satisfied clients from 2023 :)

“Joanna is an absolutely wonderful therapist! A few days after completing the Cotswold Way, I saw Joanna for a massage and facial. The massage was outstanding and the facial was heavenly. Joanna definitely sorted out all the knots in my back and eased the muscles. I felt quite crooked and sore before her treatment. I feel straight again and my lower back pain was thoroughly relieved...Joanna is so professional, knowledgeable, personable, and very kind. I wish there was I Joanna where I live because I would make her my go-to therapist for massage. I very highly recommend her!!"

Clare, June 2023


“An extraordinarily intuitive deep tissue massage from Joanna, plus the very helpful follow-up programme, has been, for me transformative..."

Peter, October 2023


“I was gifted a session with Joanna.Brilliant extremely professional strong and informative- highly recommend Joanna and I will be going back."

Rob, July 2023

I am Joanna and am a highly qualified yoga and massage therapist, having trained in India, Thailand and the UK, with over 10 years of training and experience. You can book therapies with myself or my lovely employee Phoebe, who specialises in Sports massage.

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