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Body Assessments Available

As pain and tension in the body is caused by incorrect posture, we can address it in the long term by identifying the areas of misalignment in the body causing the poor posture - analysing and breaking down your body posture in a detailed report, so that you can become aware of your misalignments and work on realigning your posture for health, wellbeing and a pain free life. For this we offer Full or Specific Body Parts Assessments.

To find out what is causing you to stay stuck with pain, tension and injury in the body you can have a full body assessment:

  • to pinpoint your body's misalignments

  • to create realigning strategies

  • to provide and teach therapeutic postures to correct the misalignments and relieve the pain and tension

Stress also causes pains and tension in the body so be sure to figure out what is causing you stress in your life, be it work, or a certain relationship, or even a food you are eating, and try to eliminate or adapt the cause. If you cannot eliminate it from your life, then put into practice consistent stress relieving activities such as meditation, yoga and massage. You will be amazed at how much these practices will help keep you balanced and happier!

Contact us now here or via phone or email and we can arrange your body assessment now! Short term goals for long term gains!

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