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Bath Half Marathon 2024 - Runners, Training and Marathons...How To Stay In Tip Top Condition: Recovery and Injury Prevention

Many people of Bath are preparing to run the 42nd BATHALF on Sunday 17th March 2024. The Bath Half Marathon is one of the longest established and most popular 'big city' road races in the UK. The largest sporting and community event in the city, and the largest charity fundraising event in the south west, raising over 2.25 million pounds for charity each year.

Running through the heart of the World Heritage City, on traffic free rads, runners are supported every step of the way by the tens of thousands of spectators who line the entire route.

Public entries for the BATHALF have sold out months before race day every year since 2000!

Those that have signed up to the 2024 Bath Half Marathon will receive fantastic benefits including:

  • Traffic free course through the heart of Georgian Bath

  • MASSIVE CROWD SUPPORT around the course route

  • Unique 2024 Finishers T-shirt (made from recycled polyester)

  • Unique 2024 Finishers medal

  • Chip timing, race number and race day instructions

  • Race Day tracking App – allowing family and friends to track your progress!

  • On course entertainment

If you are training for a marathon like the Bath Half or physically training towards anything, your body will need to relieve a build up of muscle tension; recover and prevent injury from tightness before they occur. There are a few massages that can support this: Swedish Massage, Deep Tissue, and Trigger Point Therapy:

Swedish Massage - is best used in the days before big competitions or as a recovery tool after hard workouts. The lighter, relaxing strokes help relieve stress and muscle tension without damaging the muscles, which is important if you have a big race approaching. A Swedish massage before a race, especially if you’re coming off a hard week of training, can help you reenergize, relax, and build your confidence in your ability to run fast.

Deep tissue massage - typically focus in on a few specific problem areas and, unlike trigger point therapy, work the entire muscle. Because runners often have quite a few tight spots and interconnected issues, deep tissue massage is often the modality of choice during hard training segments.

Trigger point therapy - is massage modality that targets muscle knots and areas of referred pain in the muscle tissue. The therapist will target and find knots in the muscles or areas of referred pain and use deep pressure to help loosen the adhesions.Trigger point therapy is best used to treat injuries. Specifically, trigger point therapy is effective in the treatment of IT band tightness, calf strains, and hamstring injuries.

Getting a weekly or monthly massage can help prevent injuries by catching tight areas before they become problematic. If it is not possible to fit a recurring massage in your budget, consider one or two per training segment during your hardest training block or when you're performing more intense speed work, which tends to elicit injuries that can be treated by massage, like tight hamstrings or hips.

You can book these running, training and marathon massages here.

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