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The good pain that leaves you floating...

Have you ever thought of having glute work as part of your massage? They’re a hugely important muscle group: we use them in most things we do with our bodies and they get a good work out with every step we take so to leave them out during a massage makes no sense!

To a professional massage therapist your glutes are just like your calves, quads, trapezium or deltoids – muscle that needs working on. The gluteals are a group of muscles that sit on the posterior hip. They include gluteus maximus, gluteus medius, and gluteus minimus. You should think of these muscles not as your own personal comfy seat cushion, but as the connection between your upper and lower body. Your glutes help support your body when you stand, help you push off the ground, and give you better balance in general.

When your glutes are strong, every activity you do, from running to golfing to just walking, is positively impacted. For this reason some of us massage therapists think glutes are the most important part of your massage.

Your glues perform the action of extending the hip. This is taking the leg behind you. The gluteals are working all day, every day. Tight gluteals may be the cause of conditions such as low back pain, hips that feel stiff, hard to find comfortable sleeping positions, pain going down the back or side of the thigh and down to the ankle. Sore hips in later months of pregnancy may be relieved with massage in this area. Notice next time you’re walking if your toes point straight forward as you take each step. Many of us have one if not both feet where the toes point outward as we walk. This could be due to overly tight gluteal muscles.

After receiving this type of massage your hips may feel freer, your legs swing easier, pain may be gone, or you may feel like you are floating as you walk.

I am Joanna, a highly qualified and experienced (over 10 years) wellbeing therapist offering many massage and yoga traditions from eastern and western practices. I am also BACP and UKCP qualified in therapeutic counselling listening skills.

Book your glutes focused massage today and enjoy feeling lighter!

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