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Why Private Yoga Classes are so Motivational and Beneficial...


Many people feel uncomfortable attending a group Yoga class because they feel like they do not know what they are doing and are not flexible enough and do not get the attention they need to get the postures right and get through the class without feeling like they are drawing negative attention to themselves :). Well, that is where private yoga classes can help you! You get one to one focus from the teacher going through postures in detail with you so that you get them right from the get go and get good muscle memory. You do not compare yourself to any other student and you begin to feel you know what you are doing and could then go on to group classes if you wanted to and not feel like an alien :)!

Metta Yoga and Massage offers various Yoga traditions you could learn but if you are a beginner we normally recommend to start with Hatha Yoga where you will not necessarily build up a sweat unlike some other forms of yoga, as it does not focus on the flow of movement from one pose to another but on each pose independently. You will leave a Hatha yoga class feeling longer, looser, yet stronger, and more relaxed.

Metta Yoga and Massage will give a detailed consultation to get a good holistic idea of you and your lifestyle and your ailments, and needs and goals and then will create a tailored Yoga class which will work on you to bring you mentally and physically into balance. You can opt for a Yoga class or course to get started. At the end of a course you will have learnt yoga postures you will be able to practice at home to continue the benefits! You can also benefit from private yoga classes as an improver, intermediate or advanced practitioner that wants a more personalised, hands on lesson and/or regular motivational classes. Book a Bath Yoga class or Yoga course in Bath here.

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