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Yoga Therapy: individualised yoga courses to relieve pain and tension, and correct posture

Updated: May 21, 2023

Yoga Therapy is one to one Yoga, that specifically focuses on a client's pain areas and/or misalignments (normally causing that pain), and seeks to relieve these pains by teaching the client personalised therapeutic yoga postures. A course of classes starts with a body assessment of the client's area in pain and, potentially, those areas surrounding. A report is then given and explained to the client, regarding the misalignments in their posture and what areas of concern in their body we will be working on in the course of the therapy.

For example, a 6 hour Yoga Therapy course I am teaching currently, is to improve my clients lower back, pelvis and hip pain. We have started with an assessment of her upper body, including, neck, shoulders and mid back, which I have written up in a report, describing therapeutic yoga postures to specifically target my clients upper back misalignment.

My client has a tighter right side neck, shoulder and mid back than the left side. Her right side body (from hip to armpit) is shorter. Her left shoulder internally rotates forward and she is tighter in the left chest, clavicle and sub clavicle area. Her right shoulder blade protrudes, is elevated and sits too far from the spine. Her left shoulder sits higher than her right shoulder.

I have been teaching my client some yoga poses to lengthen and stretch her right side neck and side body, and to strengthen the right side mid back and plug her right arm bone correctly into the socket and raise it to the level of the base of her neck. We have also been working on stretching and releasing the clients left side chest and front of the left arm and the left shoulder so that the shoulder can sit lower and align with the right shoulder.

Over the next few classes I will assess the clients mid and lower back and pelvis area, whilst teaching more yoga postures to continue to work on aligning her upper back and neck.

Book your course of Yoga Therapy to release pain and tension in your body, and correct posture to prevent future aches and pains here.

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